District Leadership

Georgia District Director
Sherman M. Lofton, Jr.

Assistant Georgia District Director 
Anthony Washington, Jr.

Immediate Past (13th) Georgia District Director 
Benny G. Hand

Deputy Georgia District Director 
1SG (Retired) Marvin M. Jones

Executive Director 
Marco A. Pitts

Recording Secretary 
Joseph D. Lindsey

Donald E. Webster

Financial Secretary 
Gerald A. Yerby

General Counsel | Parliamentarian 
Ira L. Foster

Director of Conventions 
Keith R. Harris

Advisor to the District Director 
Charles Allen

5th Georgia District Director | 20th Southern Region VP 
Robert A. “Bob” Willis 

6th Georgia District Director | 21st Southern Region VP 
Chester A. Wheeler, III

7th Georgia District Director 
Dr. Jerry L. Hardee

9th Georgia District Director 
Joseph E. Patterson

11th Georgia District Director | 26th Southern Region VP 
Ronald M. Natson, Sr.

12th Georgia District Director 
Ellis B. Albright

Senior Advisor 
Robert “Bob” A. Willis 

Senior Advisor 
Howard Kennedy

District of Georgia Board Members

Special Assistant – Fiscal Matters 
John H. Jordan 

Associate Recording Secretary 
Rev. Jontae Nash

Rev. Benjamin E. V. Lett

Shed Dawson, Jr.

Director – Area 1 
James W. Ford, II


Assistant Director - Area 1

Taylon Lancaster

Director – Area 2 
Pierre L. Gaither


Assistant Director - Area 2

Tony Crawford

Director – Area 3 
Patrick R. Wilkerson


Assistant Director - Area 3

Messiah Taylor

Director – Area 4 
Bernard Young


Assistant Director - Area 4

GT Moore

Director – Area 5 
Vincent Jones

Assistant Director - Area 5

Taylor Rodgers

Director – Area 6 
Alton L. West


Assistant Director - Area 6

Larry Phillips

Director – Area 7 
Hilton Fordham


Assistant Director - Area 7

Jorden Crawford

Director – Area 8 
Stanley Doucette


Assistant Director - Area 8

Christopher Smith

Director of Education 
Mario D. Hairston

Director of Technology 
Carlton Riddick

District Chief Dean 
Alprentice Rawls

Convention Chairmen and Vice Chairmen 

Director of Convention Registration 
Obie McDaniel, III

Belford V. Lawson Oratorical – Chairman 
Gregory L. Bailey

John Hope Franklin Collegiate Scholar’s Bowl – Chairman 
SirMichael Jones

Collegiate Scholar’s Bowl – Vice Chairman 
Dr. Reggie Warren

Dr. Hobart Jarrett Debate Competition – Chairman 
Pierre L. Gaither

Dr. Hobart Jarrett Debate Competition – Vice Chairman 
Maurice Baxter

Miss Black and Gold – Chairman 
Morris Jones

District Awards – Chairman 
Marlon Miller

District Awards – Vice Chairman 
Roderick J. Hand

Collegiate Stroll-Off – Chairman 
Juawn Jackson

Rules and Credentials – Chairman 
Christopher Holmes

Constitution – Chairman 
Joey D. Kenley

Time and Place – Chairman 
David Cuffie


Recommendations and Resolutions - Chairman

Marius Davis

Elections – Chairman 
James Campbell III

Cannon-Dozier – Chairman 

Program and Committee Chairmen and Assistant Co-Chairmen 

Project Alpha – Chairman 
Avery Kenley

Henry M. Collier Health Initiative – Chairman 
Dr. Lorenzo Carson

Political Action Committee Chairman 
Dr. William T.L. Simmons

Chapter Evaluations – Chairman 
Dr. Rufus Johnson

Membership, Standards, Extensions – Chairman 
David Freeman

Audit Committee – Chairman 
Cliff Felton

Protocol & Etiquette – Chairman 
Ellis B. Albright

Life Membership – Chairman 
Prince P. Reid, III

Reclamation, Retention & Transitions – Chairman 
Michael Jones

HBCU Initiative – Chairman

Oliver Hunter

HBCU Initiative Committee Member – Co Chairman 
Jermaine Jackson

HBCU Initiative Committee Member 
Kenneth W. Miles, Sr

HBCU Initiative Committee Member 
Cory D. Thorton

National Programs – Chairman 


College Brothers Affairs – Chairman 
Juawn Jackson

College Brothers Affairs – Co – Chairman 
Aaron A. Jones, Jr.

Alpha University Dean 
Mario Hairston

Alpha University Dean 
Greg Gray

Boy Scouts – Chair 
Carl Prescott

March For Babies – Chair 
Arthur Vaughn

Military and Veteran Affairs 
Christopher Brown

Director of Health

Dr. William Bennett

Public Service Coach 
Derrick Jackson