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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity License Plates Are Available NOW!

Do you have the Alpha Georgia State License Plate on your vehicle, if not, the Alpha Georgia Education Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors joyfully request that you join the over 800 Alpha Brothers with the plate on their vehicle, and purchase your State of Georgia Alpha License Plate today.


Brothers are no longer required to purchase the License Plate through the Alpha Georgia Education Foundation, Inc,, however, we are requesting that you still support the scholarship efforts of the foundation by donating the $35.00 fee we were collecting to the Alpha Georgia Education Foundation, a 501c3 certified entity.


The foundations asks that you contribute at least $35.00 or more by using 2Checkout.


The Alpha Georgia License plate may now be purchased through your local DMV tag office. The cost for your tag will vary based upon your status with the DMV. In some cases, you may initially pay between $55.00 to $85.00 for the Alpha tag. Thereafter on annual basis, you will pay a special tag fee of $35.00. 


This initiative is open to all brothers residing in Georgia, active or inactive.


You may also mail a donation to the Alpha Georgia Education Foundation to the attention of Brother Joseph Patterson to P. O. Box 54262, Atlanta, Georgia 30308, please  make your check payable to the Georgia District Education Foundation. 


In the event you have questions or need additional information please contact Brother Joseph E. Patterson at or Brother Ellis B. Albright at for information.

To make your tax deductible donation (please click here)

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